Spray Painting

Your vehicle’s paint job looking old and dull? Or are you bored of the same color after so many years? 

It is time to fall in love with your car once again!

Let our expert spray-painters transform your vehicle with a new coat of paint, in the color of your dreams!

Our Spray-Painting Process:

Visit us today for a complimentary quote on your new paint job for your vehicle.

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Bodywork Repairs

Damaged your bumpers while reversing? Or scratched your door against the wall while driving?

Fret not! Our experienced panel-beaters at Autoworld Bodyworks are always ready to chase those worries away and restore your car back to its original condition!

Our Bodywork Repair Process:

Remove, repair and replace damaged panels.

Repair dents and scratches.

Replace damaged parts.

Filing and sanding the bodywork to ensure a smooth finish.

Install body hardware.

Re-aligning the chassis and body frame.

Insurance Claims

Vehicle got caught in a hit-and-run accident? 

Sandwiched between a multi-vehicle pile up on the expressways? 

Or simply unsure of what to do in an accident?

Contact us immediately (via “Call” at the top) and our experienced insurance claim specialist will be right with you throughout the whole recovery process.

Vehicle Wraps & Decals

Want to completely change the color of your car? Or make sure your original paintwork isn’t getting chipped or scratched? 

Car wraps create a distinctive and cool look on any vehicle. They come in carbon fiber looks, brushed metal, matte colors, and high gloss colors. 

Prior to wraps, the only way to alter a car’s appearance was a paint job but now, technology have caught up.

Benefits of Vinyl Car Wraps:

Solar Films & Tinting

Feeling the sting on your arms as the sun shines into your car? Or simply hate entering one baked in the sun for hours?

You may already have an existing solar film on but maybe it’s about time to upgrade to the next level of coolness.


Benefits of Solar Films:

Protection from UV Rays

Everyone knows UV rays are very harmful to the skin and overexposure to UV rays can cause sunburn, eye disease, dehydration, or skin cancer. So, if you are a person who loves driving and drives on long routes, or if your nature of work requires you to drive for long hours, car tinting is a must for you. Solar film has proven to be highly effective against UV rays and blocks about 99% of UV rays from entering your car.

More Privacy & Security

People commonly use window tints for privacy and security reasons. Many celebrities and government officials use window tints for privacy and security. With window tint, you can see everything from inside the car, but no one can see inside from the outside. Apart from privacy, if you are someone who keeps high-value things in your car, window tints can protect your valuables from prying eyes.

Protection from Shattered Glass

Car window glasses are breakable and a strong blow or car crash can cause them to break into several pieces, which can be injurious for someone sitting next to them. You won’t believe it, but solar films can protect you from shattered glass. Solar films will not stop your window glass from breaking, but they will protect you from the pieces of shattered glass. In the event of an accident or a strong blow to the window, the glass shatters into several pieces, but it will not scatter or harm you as they will stick together because of the solar film.

Protects Your Interior

Just like UV rays are harmful to your skin and eyes, strong UV rays are also harmful to your car interior. Overexposure to UV rays can discolour your leather or vinyl interior. UV rays may also cause cracks and warps in leather and vinyl. Installing solar film will not only protect your car interior but will also save you money on replacing it every few months.

Reduces Fuel Consumption

We all use air conditioning while driving and we all know that air conditioning increases our fuel consumption. Solar film will stop UV rays from entering your car and increase the temperature of your car. As a result, your car’s air conditioner will not have to work at its full capacity to cool down the temperature of your car, and the fuel consumption will be reduced.

Paint Protection Films (PPF)

A sleek and lustrous brand new vehicle or an impeccable paint job needs maximum protection from any element that can mar its perfect look. 

Installing a Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the ultimate solution. The PPF is an essential transparent shield around your vehicle that will preserve its aesthetic appearance and will take the brunt of the abuse.

PPF is a thin layer of polyurethane film that you apply over your existing factory paint. This clear, ultra-thin, durable coat of polyurethane comes in several thicknesses that apply directly to the paint on your car and is usually custom cut to fit your vehicle. This product helps protect your investment from acid rain, tree sap, bug splatter, scratches, and other harmful elements that will etch your paint over time.

Benefits of PPF: 

Protect against rocks, pebbles, salt, sand, and road debris damage.

Paint Protection Film for your car emphasizes a sleek and polished appearance with its high-gloss durability and shiny end-result look.

Protects Integrity

Paint Protection Film protects your vehicle from damage, road rash debris, bugs, climatic change, and various chemicals.

Preserves Paint

Paint Protection Film aids in preserving your vehicle’s coloring and prevents discoloration from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Paint Protection Film lessens damages caused to your vehicle’s exterior, allowing itself to be a contributor in cost-management for your vehicle.

Increases Resale Value

Paint Protection Film ensures the vehicle’s paint stays fresh and looking brand new, no matter what weather, climate, or situations it encounters.

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